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Carbone Lorraine brake pads become CL Brakes

Carbone Lorraine brake pads become CL BRAKES.
Our new logo will now be displayed on all our products,
short, effective, noticeable and with an accomplished design, our logo signs for an indiscutable and worldwide recognised quality.

We are familiar with anything you can drive or brake with.
Our expertise in the field of automobile and motorcycle is unique, but can also find its place aboard a TGV, a mountain bike, and in new technologies like wind turbines.
Present in car, motorcycle and bike competitions, our products performances - constantly optimized by our engineers, allow custom response to all our clients demands.

CL BRAKES continues its development in the world of high-tech materials, constantly develops its creativity, ensures the excellency of its relationships with its employees, customers and partners throughout its 40+ countries network.

Sintered metal technology

There are two types of braking materials : sintered materials and organic materials. Only sintered materials can answer to requirements such as powerful braking, heating, underwater, mud / dust use, and cold reactivity.

Sintered metal brake pads are made based on powders. The friction product contains at least ten ingredients (Bronze, ceramics, graphites...). Each of these ingredients makes the friction mixture, which is then compressed in a device that will give it its final shape. The obtained item is then positionned on its metal support and then heated in a 900+°C oven.
It's the sintering process : a constituent of the product melts, consolidates the material and makes it fuse with its support. The brake pad is then rectified, checked and packed.

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CL Brakes wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous 2017!
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The CL BRAKES network is currently active in more than 40 countrieswith the expertise of true brake specialists driven by the passion of technology and quality.