Racing brake pads designed for victory

You practice motorsports and require the product that will lead you to victory, CL BRAKES has the brake pad you need !

Our Racing product range is the result of the experience acquired in competiton but also thanks to years of development in aviation, rail and motorcycles. Coupled with our DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid, our pads will provide your braking system with outstanding stopping power and excellent modulation.

Our entire product range is made of sintered metal, responding to the same degree of demand and displaying the NoNiTech label.

The newest compound in our range, the RC5+ was developed for light weight vehicles or racing in low grip conditions (gravel, mud, snow, water, etc.).
It offers moderate friction levels, low noise, is easy on OEM discs, and has excellent cold stopping power.

Average friction coef. :
µ = 0,40

RC6 was designed to apply to a wide range of motorsports, from rally to circuit. It has a high and very flat friction level and can be used successfully in almost every type of race car.

Everage friction coef. :
µ = 0,50

The RC6-E was designed exclusively for endurence races, it offers very low pad and disc wear rates without sacrificing friction levels. Need pads to last 6, 12 or even 24, hours? Look no further than the RC6-E.

Average friction coef. :
µ = 0,46

The RC8 compound boasts CL Brakes highest friction level and is used in top-tier motorsports such as WRC, WTCC, NASCAR, ZA V8, AWD GrpN, etc. Extremely high friction levels allow shorter stopping distances and the flat torque curve provides excellent modulation to prevent wheel lockup.

Average friction coef. :
µ = 0,60

Using the same friction material as our standard RC8, we have grooved the backing plate to reduce the contact area with the piston and provide a radiator effect. This patented shape was created to reduce heat transfer through the piston and into the brake fluid.

Average friction coef. :
µ = 0,60

" I use CL Brakes products since 2004, so let's just say that I know and love them ! I love their bite and their excellent modulation. Over and above that, it needs no specific bedding process wich facilitates their use. Safe trip ! "

- Bryan Bouffier, French Rally Champion